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HOW does Cancer Hypnosis work?

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It’s a little known fact that every single day our bodies produce cancer cells... of the trillions of new cells we produce on a daily basis some are rogue cells that could develop into a cancer. Fortunately, if our immune system is healthy our white blood cells seek out those mutant cells and efficiently destroy them.

However, if our bodies natural defences become less efficient because of poor lifestyle, lack of stress, old age or a combination of any of the above then viruses, disease and even those rogue cancer cells can go undetected and get a hold.

Severe emotional and or long term psychological stress can also have a negative impact on our body’s immune system. Consider now for a moment when we tend to get the majority of minor ailments such as colds, sore throats, ear aches, rashes, cold sores etc: The answer when we find ourselves in a ongoing high stress situation, such as exams, long hours at work, a family crisis etc.

There is no single definitive cause for cancer, however long term or severe stress can suppress the immune system and if this is ongoing, it obviously can leave an individual vulnerable to illness and allow any other rogue cells to potentially grab a hold. Then consider the fact that finding out you have cancer is also a massive additional stress and it becomes clear that any attempts to reduce those stress levels and thus aid the clients immune system has obvious beneficial implications.

The pressures on modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, don’t allow them the time to deal with the effect mindset has on our physical well being. As such these days as a society we have become almost totally dependent on drugs and medicinal aids when we are ill. Without exception we just hand ourselves over to the medical profession and await a fix that actually excludes any input from us whatsoever... Hypno-Chemo allows every cancer sufferer to realise the very important role they have in this cycle.

Facing medical treatment for cancer can be a totally overwhelming experience for many individuals, Hypno-Chemo is there to assist cancer clients to openly welcome their treatment and view it as the positive experience it is intended to be..... rather than resisting through fear. Clients that welcome their treatment appear to have a far more positive outcome.

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The Hypno-Chemo cancer care treatment is broken down into 5 modules that deal with every aspect of the cancer journey. So rather than relying solely on modern medicine, we’ll look at building that positivity and improving their lifestyle through both diet and exercise, so clients really are engaging in their treatment and giving themselves the best possible opportunity to reach their goals. This is the Hpno-Chemo 3 pronged assault.... Medicine, mindset and lifestyle.

The treatment commences by allowing the client to offload the initial psychological burden following their diagnosis. Then once that is under control we can start to initiate the clients optimism by focusing on their true objectives which are to confidently engage in their medical treatment.

Hypnotherapy and specifically positive visualisation is a very powerful ingredient when used to visualise the client’s immune system battling and defeating any cells that appear abnormal.

The sad fact is that none of us knows what the future holds for us especially if we are diagnosed with cancer so the Hypno-Chemo treatment also contains a module for those who have unfortunately succumbed to cancer and are now terminal, trying to building acceptance and gaining inner peace about ourselves and our legacy are of course very important in this final chapter.

Let’s not lose track here overcoming cancer takes emotional strength and determination. Hypno Chemo is there to aid that journey...

I offer a free consultation, so if you wish to find out more about how the Hypno-Chemo treatment at the Biggin Hill Cancer Care Clinic can help you, please call me on 0800 6341012 or 01959 575830

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