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ABOUT Hypno-Chemo Cancer Hypnosis

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The Hypno-Chemo treatment uses various psychological tools that when combined help cancer sufferers better understand and deal with the mental distress that accompanies their medical treatment. Although the battle against cancer is becoming far more high profile due to increased media advertising, it is still very much a taboo that the majority of people don’t what to acknowledge or think about until it affects them directly.

The fact is Cancer is on the increase with the medical profession now predicting it will affect around 50% of the population.

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Modern cancer treatments have improved significantly over the last 40 years and recovery and survival rates have increased proportionally, however the psychological effect of the disease is in many cases understandably overwhelming. However, ita an area that's not really catered for by the medical profession until the patient reached the later stages of the disease, when palliative care becomes necessary.

This is where Hypno-Chemo comes in. By using Hypno-Chemo we can attempt to effectively reduce the emotional burden and associated stress levels, replacing that draining negative emotion with a sense of perspective and understanding that would otherwise be missing. By combining a mix of relaxing hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and a back to basics common sense approach administered in an empathetic, but straight forward manner, clients can find a way forward where acceptance and optimism will promote that all important “positive expectation”.

Hypno-Chemo cancer care hypnosis encourages adult cancer patients to participate in their recovery no matter what their specific diagnosis is or what stage of the illness they find themselves at. Hypno-Chemo isn’t some fluffy, holistic, happy, clappy, nonsense, it also isn’t an “alternative wonder treatment" that promises an outright cure. It’s a complementary treatment that has been developed to complement modern medicine and then to assist cancer sufferers to positively and confidently face their up and coming challenges, and to then hopefully fully achieve their objectives, by ultimately giving them the strength and courage to optimistically confront their illness.

If you need more information regarding Biggin Hill Chemo Cancer Care Hypnosis clinic, please feel free to call me on 0800 6341012 or 01959 575830 and come in for a chat.

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