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Welcome to the Hypno-Chemo Cancer Care Centre in Biggin Hill, Kent. If you've been unfortunate enough to discover you've got cancer and are having difficulty dealing with the emotional distress caused by your condition, please feel reassured that professional emotional support is available to you no matter what stage of the illness you may find yourself at. With the support of the Hypno-Chemo treatment together we will find a way to break down the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing so you can then get on with focusing on what's really important and that is positively fighting cancer using the Hypno-Chemo 3 pronged approach.

Modern Cancer treatment is extremely good at dealing with the physical complications of cancer, however the emotional side of the condition is virtually a taboo, with many individuals feeling alienated and isolated by friends and family. Hypno-Chemo is here to address these issues.

WHAT does Hypno-Chemo offer?


The Cancer care treatment offered from my Biggin Hill Clinic is the result of a genuine need cancer sufferers experience and as someone who has experience the grief and distress cancer causes, I feel it’s amazingly important to give cancer sufferers the emotional strength and fortitude they require to deal with whatever the future holds in as positive and composed a manner as possible.

Hypno Chemo as a treatment has been developed to help clients build a “positive expectancy” and “motivation to mend” at every stage of their medical treatment. The fact is Hypno-Chemo isn’t an alternative therapy it’s a totally complementary treatment that is designed to intergrate with modern medical procedures. Hypno Chemo is a combination of hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and positive visualisation that when blended together allow cancer clients to see “the wood for the trees”.

We all appreciate that to be healthy we need a positive mentality and to look after ourselves physically. Infact, a positive mind set and a healthy lifestyle combined can have amazing results when applied to recovery from various diseases and injuries and this also includes cancer. That said this is an area that unfortunately modern medicine hasn’t the time or resources to deal with adequately.

Our mental assessment of our environment influences how we interact with the world and this also includes how we react to illness and our perception of the level of discomfort this causes us. Hypno Chemo offers it’s clients this positive expectation, by encouraging clients to emotionally take a stand, get refocused and get on with the business of actively participating in fighting their cancer as opposed to just sitting back feeling helpless and hoping modern medicine is enough to get them through!

If you would like more information on how Cancer Care Hypnosis for Biggin Hill could assist you, just book your free consultation and lets find the best way forward for you!


CANCER Hypnosis for Biggin Hill, Kent.

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